Jessie Villalobos

(owner, founder, CEO)

Jessie's Auto Body

Jessie Villalobos has possessed a passion for working on Automobiles and metal shop craft Since the young age of six with his father. By the age of ten Jessie was a skilled welder with several years of metal shop experience already under his belt. Coming from Mexico at the age of 17, Jessie labored long hours and established himself as a locally known full time auto body expert.
Upon moving to Minneappolis, Jessie rented work space in various auto body shops throughout the Twin Cities. While building a tool collection piece by piece Jessie compiled a strong client base through dedication, perserverance and hard work that produced top notch results. Inevitably the auto body skill of Jessie Villalobos became popular, funds expanded and Jessie opened Auto Customs on 5th and Lake Street in Minneapolis during 2007.
While increasing his customer base, honing his art, and building repatoire local with insurance agents and companies Jessie was able to hire a full time staff and move to his present location re-named Jessies Auto Body on 1515 29th Avenue NE during November of 2013.
Today Jessie's Auto Body is a prominent, competitive and fully capable Auto Body shop doing everything from multiple insurance covered collision repair jobs as well as much sought after Auto Customization from hot rods, to classic muscle cars, motorcycles, collectors makes and models as well as branding through vehicle graphics, decales, lettering and wraps.

Jessie's Auto Body Core Values

Jessie's core values have been the same since the beginning through the years. Simply put, . . . First and foremost, YOU, (the customer), come first. That being said, quality craftmanship and particular attention to specifics is what puts Jessie's a Auto Body ahead of all the rest. By being consistent over time and taking great pride in our auto collision repair and auto customization work, Jessie's Collision repair has built a solid reputation among Twin Cities, Minnesota residents which exceeds that of any of our competitors. This is evident and shows in all of our team members and professional auto body technicians as well as our customer satisfaction ranking.

True Collision Repair Experts
Now utilizing state of the art Auto Repair Customization equipment and techniques, Jessie's Auto Body is cutting edge and a step above all the rest. We make the necessary investments to properly repair the advanced vehicles of today. Not abandoning our values of indivivuality with goodness, pride in our work and small town care and concern, at Jessie's Auto Body, we aim to be the very best by incorporating big time auto body service with good old fashioned small town friendliness and familiarity.

With the Jessie's Auto Body business model, Our Auto Body services are the choice customers depend on to restore the look, style and integrity of their automobiles whether they be \. Jessie's Auto body believes in providing its patrons with complete care, & warranties on all repairs providing each and every customer individual care and concern.

Providing the Twin Cities Auto Body Repair Over 20 Years

About Jessie's Auto Body in Minneapolis, NE