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Auto Body Repair Insurance Claims

For large repairs,or minor collision damage, Jessie's Auto Body has been working with insurance claims for two decades. Jessie's accepts all major insurance companies to inspect and repair your vehicles without hitch or flaw.

If your repair work involves filing an insurance claim, we'll assist you handlong the red tape. Working with your insurance company, we coordinate the total auto body repair. For your convenience, Jessie's will generate a detailed repair plan specific to your vehicle and the type of servicing it may need.
At Jessie's Auto Body in NE Minneapolis, we are aware that personal financial cost is a big issue. Our experts will go over your initial auto body repair plan and recommend economical options that will save you moneyas well as ensure the solid structure and safety of the work performed.
Put your trust in the Twin Cities true auto body repair experts. at Jessie's Auto Body we makes it affordable, dependable and easy to mend your auto mobile mishaps. GET YOUR FREE QUOTE and let Jessie's Auto Body guide you through the rest of the process!

Jessie's Auto Body Fleet & Industrial Services
We offer fleet clients flexible options and customer plans better than you would find anywhere else. Let Jessie's maintain your fleet, its graphics and equipment by making your fleet visually cohesive and looking great with rebranding, remarketing, and accident management all that falls within your organizations spending allotment. Whether it's serious damage or small repairs, Jessie's Auto body has been a Twin Cities, Minnesota trusted body shop for thousands of drivers. Trust Jessie's Auto Body Shop. We make it easy, and affordable to repair your cherished and much needed vehicle.

Surface Preparation by Jessie's Auto Body
Surface repair is very important to ward off serious rust and decay. The scratches, chips, peeling on your vehicle can build a foundation of rust and decay that will ultimately ruin your vehicle. If left untreated and exposed to the elements (especially in Minnesota), chips. peeling and scratches will destroy your paint job and the look of your vehicle. Taking care of these blemishes early on in this process will give your automobile a smoother and glossier finish as well as fortify your auto body against the wears of weather and time. At Jessie's auto body, our estimators examine your vehicle thouroughly and advise what type condition repairs and preventive maintenance your vehicle will need to both look great and last long. Jessie's Auto Body offers economical surface prep options and techniques that ensure your Auto body make Over looks great. Surface repair before the paint goes on can will make certain that your finish holds that gloss and shine for longer than you could get done by any of our collision repair competitors.

Surface Sealer
Some paint jobs done by other less qualified Auto body finshers fail to hold their shine. This could be a matter of the unwanted practice of old paint mixing with the new, creating uneven color and gloss, or just plain cutting corners to save time and money.


We stake our reputation on the quality of our work and the results that we produce. Sealer plays a major role in securing a solid barrier from the new and old paint. This will guarantee consistent color and a higher gloss across the entire painted auto body surface area. At Jessie's Auto Body we offer all grades of sealer. The grade chosen is attributed to the durability, logevity and the auto body surface prep that is required for your make and model of vehicle. Sealer including the type and the amount needed will dictate the life of your vehicle's Glorious Auto Body finish.

Paint Services
At Jessie's Auto Body in NE Minneapolis, Minnesota, we offer standard and customized paint packages that measured to your specific wants, needs and budget allotment. Contact Us for a Quote and our team member will contact you asap. What makes Jessie's Auto Body automobile painting unique comes down to the following factors; life span of the paint, which includes warranty/durability, and the appearance of the paint, which includes metallic appearance, and color match.

Finish and Protection
To increase your Auto Body finish life span an investment in good protection and preventive maintainence is an absolute must. At Jessie's Auto Body we apply multiple clear coating to not only protect the paint job, but to make certain you have an accurate gloss match with your seamless repair. correct Car Care has a major influence on the look and logevity of your custom painting by Jessie's Auto Body. Finishing maintenance will make your car keep its new look as well as stave off the inevitable effects of wear, tear, and time.
In order to add life span to your new investment with Jessie's Auto Body a list of to do must follows:

  • Park in the shade, but avoid trees.

  • Avoid driving on loose gravel, sand or salt

  • Wash your car regularly

  • Waxing after washing

- 3 to 4 weeks after painting your vehic le, it is needed to wax your car every 2-3 months to in order to protect your new Auto Body investment. Make sure to use a qualified automotive wax that does not contain abrasive cleaning agents (such as silicone). Apply lightly thin coats of wax using the provided applicator using short, circular motions while gradually coating the entire painted surface. Always make sure the wax is totally dry before removing. Next, use a shammy cloth and apply pressure to wipe the wax off using equally short circular swipes.

Pinstriping, Graphics, Decales, and Lettering
On Staff at Jessie's Auto Body we are fortunate to have both a professional graphic designer, (that specializes in vehicle wraps, lettering, pin striping and decales of any and all sorts), as well as a team of experienced graphics and pin striping application specialists. If you are looking to give your vehicle or fleet of vehicles a custom or cohesive uniformed look, Jessie's Auto Body can make your car or bike stand out from the crowd with custom pin-striping, graphics and decales.

At Jessie's Auto Body Insurance is Gladly Accepted

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